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Intl. Consulting & Commercial Center Idar-Oberstein


Nature, sports, culture and relaxation, as a matter of course in your immediate vicinity:

Discover the treasures of the gemstone and jewelry city of Idar-Oberstein:

  • Jewelry of highest quality, available directly from the city’s gemstone cutters and master goldsmiths
  • The Steinkaulenberg precious stone mines are the only precious stone mines in Europe which are accessible to visitors
  • Fresh and clean air: You will be outdoors and in the midst of nature from any place in the town within a couple of minutes only
  • The municipal theater
  • The golf course right nearby the town
  • The Mount Erbeskopf center for winter sports, around 20 minutes away
  • The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park just outside of the town
  • The Lake Bostalsee recreation center: Boat rental, swimming, surfing, sailing and hiking
  • The Freisen wildlife park:
    Get in touch with animals such as deer and other game that you will rarely see in the wild

  • Wildfreigehe Wildenburg:
    Seltene freilebende Tiere in natürlicher Umgebung, darunter Wölfe und Wildkatzen
  • In weiterer Umgebung:
    Die Karl-Marx-Stadt Trier
    Rhein-Main-Gebiet u. a. mit den Städten Mainz, Wiesbaden und Frankfurt
    Die Neckar-Metropole mit den Städten Mannheim und Ludwigshafen